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Rev. Jacob Stewart Hartman Family

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The Hartman-Durboraw Clan has had a long tradition of celebrating family. The dispersed branches of Hartmans have gathered annually to observe the birthday of Grandma Hartman since at least the early 1900s. At the reunions, family stories were retold, memories shared, and ties between the generations and family branches renewed. For decades Uncle Willis Hartman was the keeper of the family tales, and a number of the younger generations remember sneaking out to the playground while the “business” meeting was being held as Uncle Willis recounted the family heritage. Unfortunately, we now realize that our memories of those stories have grown fuzzy, and we regret never having written them down.

Those who remember George and Elizabeth’s children, the first generation, are also slipping away and we are in danger of losing their stories as well. George Conover started a few years ago with his essay “Why We Are Here” about Grandpa and Grandma Hartman. D. Willis “Wooz” Hartman for last year’s reunion (2011) wrote a biography of his grandfather, Rufus Hartman, George and Elizabeth’s second son.

This is the story of their eldest son, Rev. Jacob Stewart Hartman, as remembered and researched by his descendants. Because he was a minister, we are fortunate to have a number of public records about J. Stewart, as well as a few packrats in his descendant line, advantages that other branches may not have. As J. Stewart was a product of his parents, we hope that this history will not only help the J. Stewart branch better understand their direct ancestor and the genes and traits he may have passed on, but also provide a link to other branches who may share some of his traits through our common Hartman bond.

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