Laura E. Bergin '17, Gettysburg College


Shannon Egan, Gettysburg College



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The exhibition Bodies in Conflict: From Gettysburg to Iraq not only conveys an ambitious geographic and historical range, but also reflects the sensitivity, ambition, and thoughtfulness of its curator, Laura Bergin ’17. In examining how the human figure is represented in prints and photographs of modern war and political conflict, Laura considers how journalistic photographs, artistic interpretations, and other visual documentation of conflict and its aftermath compare between wars and across historical periods. Specific objects include a print and photographs from the Civil War, propaganda posters from World Wars I and II, photographs and a protest poster from the Vietnam War, and a large-scale photograph of a reconstructed journalistic image of Saddam Hussein’s palace by Iraqi-born contemporary artist Wafaa Bilal. Taken together, the works in the exhibition make a profound political and humanitarian statement about suffering, heroism, death, compassion, and appeals to nationalism throughout wars over the last 150 years. [excerpt]

Publication Date

Fall 2016


Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg College


Gettysburg, PA


Modern War, Political Conflict, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Middle East

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Bodies in Conflict: From Gettysburg to Iraq is on exhibition at the Schmucker Art Gallery at Gettysburg College, September 9 - October 22, 2016.

Bodies in Conflict: From Gettysburg to Iraq