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In 1971, the country was still in the process of extreme social upheaval and transformation brought on by the 1960s, and that included small, secluded communities like Gettysburg College. In the Owl & Nightingale Society, the school's theater program, many students found ways to express and explore themselves creatively and personally. Both historically and currently, theater tends to draw in queer people, and can be a comfortable and interesting way to embrace your identity and learn to build and work with communities. These are things queer people often didn't--and still don't--have access to in their everyday lives, making theater a special place for many people. In the spring of 1971, Gettysburg College's aspiring actors, singers, directors, and so on worked hard on an array of fun, thoughtful, and creative plays to put on for their peers--and many found themselves along the way.


This poster was created based on work completed for FYS 170-3: The Sixties Revisited, and presented as a part of the eighth annual CAFE Symposium on February 8, 2023.