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Welcome to Musselman Library! We are excited to host this celebration of scholarly work with our colleagues in the Provost’s Office.

Thank you to Upscale for kicking this off. Nothing says “party” like acapella. We’re glad you’re here today.

Thank you also to the team of people who made this event possible – to the Library Exhibits and Events Committee, which is chaired beautifully by Kate Martin and also includes Jim Ramos, Lisa McNamee, Donna Skekel, Carolyn Sautter, Susan Pinckey, and Becky Strevig. Becky had a baby a month ago, and Sarah Appedu has been filling in for her and taking care of a multitude of large and small things. Also thanks to Suzanne Gockowski for coordinating with the Provost’s Office and Ryan Nadeau for corralling all these publications that surround us. (excerpt)


These remarks were given at Musselman Library's 2017 College Authors Reception held on March 23, 2018.