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The album contains 200 photographs that depict everyday life and people in Baghdad and northeast India, including entire pages dedicated to “Arabs” and pictures of men and women in bazaars and drawing water. Other photographs are of notable events, including the “Dedication of British [Army] Cemetery” or the arrival of the “First Aeroplane from England to India.” There are also pictures of various landmarks, such as mosques, religious pilgrimage sites, historic cities and palaces, and natural wonders, from Iraq, India, and France. Included on the front cover is two photos pasted together to create a panorama of the “Signing of the Armistice with Turkey.” The back cover has the document “Proclamation by the G.O.C.-in-Chief,” an official announcement that declared an official end to hostilities to the people of Iraq. Despite Peace’s military service, the album contains less than ten photos related to the British Army or Mesopotamia Campaign. There are also various photographs missing from the album, although some of them have captions describing the missing contents.

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0.175 cubic feet

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February 2019


Benard Peace, Photography, Middle Eastern region, British Military


European History | History | Islamic World and Near East History | Military History

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Finding Aid

MS-236: Bernard Peace WWI Photograph Album