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The collection consists of four notebooks penned in Keller’s hand. Two of the notebooks contain notes taken by Keller while a student at the Seminary, 1838-1840, for courses taught by Samuel. S. Schmucker, founder and sole instructor at the Seminary (original).

The notes in MS #1 begin with a lecture on Chronology, (the application of periods of time to history) and moves through lessons on “Biblical History” as presented in the Hebrew Scripture from creation in Genesis to the kingships of David and Solomon in I & II Samuel. The notes in MS #2 cover two subjects, “Church Government & Discipline”, the definition of what is meant by “church” and ends with a discussion of ordination and the role of the clergy; and “Hermeneutics or Interpretation”, the importance of language and the application of literal or figurative meanings to words in the study of scripture. These notes reflect Dr. Schmucker’s question and answer teaching style. He would first deliver a lecture covering some portion of the subject and at its close dictate questions covering the material presented in the lecture. Students were required to answer the questions in writing. The students read their answers during the next recitation period which were then discussed further by the professor before the next lecture was delivered MS #3 and #4 contain histories of Swedish Lutherans as well as various notes on Church history. The writings are not in order, nor are they dated. They appear to start from both ends of the books. Company I, Pennsylvania 11th Infantry Regiment

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Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Keller, graduate, theology, notebooks, scripture, Samuel. S. Schmucker


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MS – 231: Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Keller, Class of 1838