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Spring 2008

Department 1



Table of Contents: From the Director: Honor with Books Kick-Off (Robin Wagner, Brittany Bloam ’07, Jack Ryan, Robert Bohrer); Library Helps Information Literacy (Katherine Downton); Save the Date: Piano Trio; Library Lingo (Kathy D’Angelo); Federated Searching; Focus on Philanthropy: Rare American Bible Folios (Geoff Jackson ‘91); Phi Kappa Psi Papers (Reverend Fredrick Weiser ’57, Ned Brownley ’53); Rare Albumen Prints of the Gettysburg Battlefield; Gettysburg Semester (Allen Guelzo); 2 WWII Propaganda Posters; GettDigital: How It Is Done (Tina Gebhart); Hidden Talents (Neil Beach, Kathy Bradley, Kim Davidson, Julia Hendon, Suzy Miller, Janelle Wertzberger); Library Exhibits (Lindsay Treworgy ’08); LP Records (Tim Sestrick, Amy Ward); Study Break – Decorate Carts; Music at Musselman (Dr. F. William Sunderman Senior '19, Dr. F. William Sunderman Junior); Librarians in Vienna; Alumni Collectors( William C. Wright ‘61 and Ian Isherwood); Pat Hogan and Pat Boron; Warner Endowment


Edited by Robin Wagner and Sunni DeNicole