Robert Morin: Papa à la Chasse aux Lagopèdes, ou Filmer L'absence

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Spring 2011

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Canadian director Robert Morin has puzzled his audiences for about thirty years with works that blur the borders between documentary and fiction, and that address social and individual issues via political, linguistic and artistic inquiries. Papa à la chasse aux lagopèdes (Daddy Goes Ptarmigan Hunting, 2008) is a multilayered and multidimensional explorative narrative, constructed with intricate techniques that represent the director’s major preoccupations: death, our perceptions of reality, and our incoherent struggles that may lead to the dissolution of the self in our dysfunctional world. The article includes references to the objectives, discoveries and techniques of Direct Cinema, from which Morin's works emerge. A close analysis of the film’s construction provides an explanation for how and why spectators enter the screen. Morin, who films a character making his own video, finally films the process of dissolution into absence.

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