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In this Friday Forum, Professors Chas. Phillips (Political Science), Alice Brawley Newlin (Management), and Patturaja Selvaraj (Management) will cover two key aspects of their ongoing Structured Writing Accountability Group (SWAG). First, we'll talk about we have varied the structure of the SWAG since Summer 2018, including our celebratory end-of-year conference in 2019 which was sponsored through the generosity of the Provost’s Office grants for Faculty Reading/Writing Groups. Second, we'll briefly highlight the projects and products we have accomplished through our SWAG. Though the principles of the SWAG are simple, participating in this group has greatly enhanced the rate and quality of our research outputs.

We hope to share with others how the structure has been successful for us in order to inspire others to develop their own SWAGs. We look forward to interdisciplinary discussions of ways to modify and improve SWAGs' success.


Presentation given at the Friday Forum on September. 6, 2019 The Friday Forum is a series of lectures given by members of the Gettysburg College community on their personal scholarly research, creative activities, or professional or curricular development activities.