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On Thursday September 7, 1899 a new school year (its sixty-eighth) began at Pennsylvania College in Gettysburg.1 Many students had arrived as early as that Sunday to begin settling into their rooms. Many of the forty-three new students2 had been accepted the previous June by passing a series of entrance exams in all of the applicable subject areas, especially the Classics. A number of others had waited and taken the exams as the school year started. Eighteen individuals were exempt from entrance exams because of their satisfactory work during the previous year at the attached preparatory school in Stevens Hall. These students were already familiar with the campus and with upperclassmen that they had come in contact with casually or through their attendance of and participation in various campus societies. In many ways these eighteen formed the core of the class of 1903 from entrance to graduation. Freshmen by and large came from the surrounding towns and counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland; four of the new men were from Gettysburg itself.