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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2006


On the second floor of Weidensall Hall at Gettysburg College hangs a picture of Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh. This portrait is hidden in plain sight, and countless people pass by it everyday on their way to an office, a classroom, or elsewhere. However, when one begins to notice the picture’s presence, the question begs to be asked, who was Robert Fortenbaugh? Why is his picture hanging in Weidensall Hall? What impact did he have on the history of Gettysburg College that makes him worthy of being remembered? The answer to those questions include many answers. Most formidable among these, however, was Robert Fortenbaugh’s mark on the study of history at Gettysburg College, which can be understood through three of his major texts.

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  • Course Title: HIST 300: Historical Method
  • Academic Term: Spring 2006
  • Course Instructor: Dr. Michael J. Birkner '72

Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of student papers on objects that are "hidden in plain sight" around the Gettysburg College campus. Topics range from the Glatfelter Hall gargoyles to the statue of Eisenhower and from historical markers to athletic accomplishments. You can download the paper in pdf format and click "View Photo" to see the image in greater detail.


Gettysburg College, Weidensall Hall, Robert Fortenbaugh, Lutheran Theological Seminary


Higher Education | History | United States History

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Weidensall Hall

Robert Fortenbaugh: Understanding a Man Through His Scholarship