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Fall 2006


A new Eisenhower Institute for Leadership and Public Policy is currently being installed at 157 North Washington Street, the house which was home to a young Dwight Eisenhower and his family during the summer of 1918. Eisenhower became a longtime friend of Gettysburg College, and as President Katherine Haley Will states, “We claim Ike as our own.” However, a summer rental by a future national hero does not fully capture the historical value of this residence to our campus. In fact, it was owned for over forty years by Alpha Tau Omega and its story traces the birth of the College fraternity scene while also providing a detailed illustration of campus life during World War II. If you walk North Washington Street, you may pass the historic house without a glance, but, as was my experience, once you stare straight at its imposing white columns, you sense its import. [excerpt]

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  • Course Title: HIST 300: Historical Method
  • Academic Term: Fall 2006
  • Course Instructor: Dr. Michael J. Birkner '72

Hidden in Plain Sight is a collection of student papers on objects that are "hidden in plain sight" around the Gettysburg College campus. Topics range from the Glatfelter Hall gargoyles to the statue of Eisenhower and from historical markers to athletic accomplishments. You can download the paper in pdf format and click "View Photo" to see the image in greater detail.


Gettysburg College, Eisenhower Institute, Katherine Haley Will, Alpha Tao Omega, Dwight D. Eisenhower


History | Social History | United States History

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Eisenhower Institute

The Columned Building: A Gettysburg Legacy