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Updates on training and support and useful pedagogical resources compiled and sent by the JCCTL on September 7, 2020.


Discussion on the Decision to De-densify Campus

Zoom Meetings

  • Supporting First-year Students During a De-densified Semester, Kathy Cain (Psychology) and Ian Isherwood (War and Memory Studies)
  • Supporting Student Mental Health at Gettysburg, Kathy Bradley

  • Assessment in Remote Learning Environments, Sharon Birch and Josef Brandauer

  • Creating Effective Video Content, Carrie Szarko
  • Tool Time, Kevin Moore and Melissa Forbes
  • Building Better Breakout Rooms, Kevin Moore and Melissa Forbes
  • Discussion Forum Check-in, Kevin Moore and Melissa Forbes
  • Mindful Learning in a Digital Space, Monique Gore
  • International Student Support Do’s and Don’ts, Brad Lancaster and Kelly Whitcomb