Lastarria, Bello y Sarmiento en 1844: Genocidio, historiografía y proyecto nacional

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In the words of Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna, "Mr. Aubrey is indisputably one of the highlights talents of our day. He has been a teacher, journalist, orator, journalist, lawyer, diplomat, and he has excelled in everything. And when it is remembered that he is and has been what should himself (...) can not fail to recognize that he is one of the most deserving citizens of our Republic. "

José Victorino Aubrey. Chile (1817-1888). After finishing his law studies on March 21, 1839, he devoted himself to teaching in various public and private establishments. He was a member at various times, a member of the executive, the judiciary and diplomat, representing Chile against Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. He founded several academies of letters and arts, was one of the first members of the Academy of Language and promoter of the dissemination and discussion of modern scientific ideas. As a legislator, encouraged freedom of the press, the state public education, the creation of a state bank and other pointing toward individual freedom and opinion. As a citizen, speaker and publicist, and intellectually responsible, his figure is central to the formation of the national literature, critical thinking and the consolidation of the Republic of Chile largely nineteenth century.

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This essay discusses one of the foundational debates of Chilean as much as Latin American historiography in the XIX Century. The intensely publicized argument between José Victorino Lastarria, Doming Faustino Sarmiento and Andrés Bello in 1844 took place around the first officially supported publication of an approach to the legacies of colonialism for Latin American independent nations. This text, previously published in a specialized journal, has been selected to be part of a critical dossier included in the publication of Lastarria's complete narrative.


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