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I never thought I would feel this comfortable at the desk. At the end of last week a lot of librarians weren't in the building so I picked up one of their shifts. In January I never would have thought I could just volunteer for that. The idea of being at the desk alone was pretty scary, so the thought of being at the desk when there were very few librarians even in the building would have been flat out terrifying. But it was fine! There weren't too many questions because it was the lunch shift on Friday so for the most part students were either having lunch or had already checked out for the weekend, but I was still kept moderately busy answering people's questions. [excerpt]


The Interns at Gettysburg College’s Musselman Library have been capturing their internship experiences since the spring of 2011. Blogging the Library has evolved since the first post. Early posts up through 2013 are available on Blogger, and more recent posts can be seen on WordPress.

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