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Musselman Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016 reflects the evolution of libraries and higher education since the 2007 adoption of Crossroads, Connections, and Creativity: Musselman Library Strategic Plan. The 2013-2016 strategic plan challenges Musselman Library to think about ways in which the library can further support its community of learners. This plan builds upon the core issues of services, collections, learning, and access that were identified in 2007 and recognizes the growth accomplished in these areas.

In early 2013, Robin Wagner, Director of Library Services, formed the Strategic Planning Steering Committee in order to develop a plan to guide Musselman Library’s priorities for the next three years. Following an environmental scan, focus groups, and dialogue with library staff, the committee identified five issues confronting libraries: lifelong learning, leadership, sustainability, continual assessment, and partnerships. Working groups were formed and charged to create goals and objectives inspired by these five issues.

From the work completed by the groups, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee distilled these issues and articulated goals that advance the library within four strategic directions: lifelong learning, leadership, sustainability, and continual assessment. Recognizing the foundational role of collaboration in a liberal arts environment, partnerships is integrated across the four strategic directions, goals, and objectives.

The 2013-2016 plan demonstrates Musselman Library’s commitment to contribute to Gettysburg College’s mission and addresses challenges presented to a new generation of learners and scholars in an age of information abundance. [excerpt]