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"Fair use" is a principle embedded in copyright law which permits -- under circumstances governed by a set of considerations commonly known as "the four factors" -- the borrowing of material from copyrighted works to create new works. Created for Fair Use Week 2018, this poster highlights the principle as it has applied to three controversial cases involving music sampling. For each case, the observer is given the essential facts; shown which of the four factors (represented by icons) were most central; and told the real-world outcome of each case. As an interactive display, the poster covered each "Outcome" column with a flap, requesting the observer to make a guess as to the outcome before confirming it.

Via a listening stand near the poster, observers were also enabled to hear excerpts from the contested works. Those excerpts may be accessed at:


Displayed on the main floor of Musselman Library from February 26th to March 2nd, 2018, during Fair Use and Fair Dealing Week 2018.