Faculty publications from the Management Department at Gettysburg College.



Real Talk About OER: The JCCTL OER Grantee Experience (so far!), Natasha J. Gownaris, Marta Maras, Christopher C. Oechler, Alecea Ritter Standlee, and Mary Elmquist
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Textbook Remix: An Introduction to LibreTexts for OER Editing, Mary Elmquist and Alice M. Brawley Newlin

Making it happen: Keeping precarious workers’ experiences central during COVID-19, Sergio M. Marquez, Jo M. Alanis, and Alice M. Brawley Newlin

A temporal study on subordinate’s response to destructive leadership: voice withdrawal as a conflict coping mechanism, Agrata Pandey, Ranjeet Nambudiri, Patturaja Selvaraj, and Ashish Sadh

(mis)Management of multiple tensions and coexisting conflicting dualities during restructuring: a paradox theory perspective from an emerging economy, Nobin Thomas, Rajesh Kaduba Mokale, and Patturaja Selvaraj



More Specific than “Small”: Identifying Key Factors to Account for the Heterogeneity in Stress Findings Among Small Businesses, Alice M. Brawley Newlin

Employee Voice Implications for Innovation in a Deliberative Environment Context of Indian Organizations, Patturaja Selvaraj and Jerome Joseph



Seriously?: Estimates of Gig Work Dependence Vary with Question Wording, Alice M. Brawley Newlin


All of the Above?: an Examination of Overlapping Organizational Climates, Alice M. Brawley Newlin and Cynthia L.S. Pury


Decasticization, Dignity, and ‘Dirty Work’ at the Intersections of Caste, Memory, and Disaster, Ramaswami Mahalingam, Srinath Jagannathan, and Patturaja Selvaraj

Critical Incidents of Financial Hardship and Worker Health: A Mixed-Methods Retrospective Study, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Russell A. Matthews, Julie H. Wayne, and Susannah Huang


On the Conditional and Unconditional Type I Error Rates and Power of Tests in Linear Models with Heteroscedastic Errors, Patrick J. Rosopa, Alice M. Brawley Newlin, Theresa P. Atkinson, and Stephen A. Robertson


The Cosmos of a Public Sector Township: Democracy as an Intellectual Culture, Patturaja Selvaraj

Fit of Role Involvement with Values: Theoretical, Conceptual, and Psychometric Development of Work and Family Authenticity, Julie H. Wayne, Russell A. Matthews, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, and Wendy J. Casper



Efficacy of Online Training for Improving Camp Staff Competency, Barry A. Garst, Ryan J. Gagnon, and Alice M. Brawley Newlin


Family Supportive Supervision Around the Globe, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, and Leslie B. Hammer


Employees’ Financial Insecurity and Health: The Underlying Role of Stress and Work–Family Conflict Appraisals, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Russell A. Matthews, and Julie H. Wayne



Little Things That Count: A Call for Organizational Research on Microbusinesses, Alice M. Brawley and Cynthia L.S. Pury


The Big, Gig Picture: We Can't Assume the Same Constructs Matter, Alice M. Brawley Newlin


Courage, Cynthia L. S. Pury, Alice M. Brawley Newlin, Emily A. Burnett, and Shane J. Lopez


Does Transition Experience Improve Newcomer Performance? Evidence From the National Basketball Association, Joseph R. Radzevick


Rumination and Performance in Dynamic, Team Sport, Michael M. Roy, Daniel Memmert, Anastasia Frees, Joseph R. Radzevick, Jean Pretz, and Benjamin Noël


The Manifestation of Stress and Rumination in Musicians, Michael M. Roy, Joseph R. Radzevick, and Laura Getz


Gender, Poverty, and the Work-Family Interface, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Anna C. McFadden, and Thomas W. Britt

Relevance of Systems Thinking and Scientific Holism to Social Entrepreneurship, Chitvan H. Trivedi and Shalini Misra


The Construct of State-Level Suspicion: A Model and Research Agenda for Automated and Information Technology (IT) Contexts, Philip Bobko, Alex J. Barelka, and Leanne M. Hirshfield

The Construct of Suspicion and How It Can Benefit Theories and Models in Organizational Science, Philip Bobko, Alex J. Barelka, Leanne M. Hirshfield, and Joseph Lyons


Using Noninvasive Brain Measurement to Explore the Psychological Effects of Computer Malfunctions on Users during Human-Computer Interactions, Leanne M. Hirshfield, Philip Bobko, Alex Barelka, Stuart H. Hirshfield, Mathew T. Farrington, Spencer Gulbronson, and Diane Paverman


Reviewing, Categorizing, and Analyzing the Literature on Black-White Mean Differences for Predictors of Job Performance: Verifying Some Perceptions and Updating/Correcting Others, Philip Bobko and Philip Roth

A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life, James E. Hamerstone and Lindsay Musser Hough

Family-Supportive Work Environments and Psychological Strain: A Longitudinal Test of Two Theories, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Hailey A. Herleman, Thomas W. Britt, D. D. Moore, C. A. Castro, and D. McGurk

Just How Comparative Are Comparative Judgments?, Joseph R. Radzevick and Don A. Moore

Using I-O Psychology to Improve the Plight of Women in Developing Countries: A Research Agenda, Virginia E. Schein


Impact of Rater Personality on Transformational and Transactional Leadership Ratings, Joyce E. Bono, Amy C. Hooper, and David J. Yoon

Self-Engagement Moderates the Mediated Relationship Between Organizational Constraints and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors via Rated Leadership, Thomas W. Britt, Eric S. McKibben, Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, and Hailey A. Herleman


Project GLOBE: Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Education, Marcus Dickson, Ariel M. Lelchook, Mary Sully de Luque, and Paul Hanges

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Retention in the Entry-Level Hourly Workforce, James E. Martin, Robert R. Sinclair, Ariel M. Lelchook, Jenell L. S. Wittmer, and Kristin E. Charles

Whom Do You Distrust and How Much Does it Cost? An Experiment on the Measurement of Trust, Bill McEvily, Joseph R. Radzevick, and Roberto A. Weber

Work-Family Balance, Well-Being, and Organizational Outcomes: Investigating Actual Versus Desired Work/Family Time Discrepancies, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Thomas W. Britt, and Philip Bobko

Organizational Work-Family Resources as Predictors of Job Performance and Attitudes: The Process of Work-Family Conflict and Enrichment, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Thomas W. Britt, and Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge

A Meta-Analysis of Gender Group Differences for Measures of Job Performance in Field Studies, Philip Roth, Kristen Purvis, and Philip Bobko

Women, Work and Poverty: Reflections on Research for Change, Virginia E. Schein

The Critical Role of the Research Question, Inclusion Criteria, and Transparency in Meta-Analyses of Integrity Test Research: A reply to Harries et al. (2012) and Ones, Viswesvaran, and Schmidt (2012), Chad H. Van Iddekinge, Patrick H. Raymark, Philip Roth, and Heather N. Odle-Dusseau


The Effects of Changing Power and Influence Tactics on Trust in the Supervisor: A Longitudinal Field Study, Roger C. Mayer, Philip Bobko, James H. Davis, and Mark B. Gavin