Episode 13: What Being a “Gettysburgian” Means to Members of the Class of 2020

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In Episode 13 of Conversations Beneath the Cupola, podcast host, Gettysburg College President Robert W. Iuliano, is joined by three members of the Class of 2020—Darby Nisbett, Jason Sinsheimer, and Jazmin Reynoso Ortiz. Iuliano asks the graduates to define what it means to be a “Gettysburgian” by reflecting on their time at Gettysburg College, sharing the lessons they learned, memories of the people and moments that shaped them, and more.

The episode begins with the graduates reflecting on their takeaways from the transition to remote learning during the spring semester, which was prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak. They discuss the challenges it presented, such as balancing the demands of homelife and schoolwork and being outside the residential learning environment, but also several positives, including the support of their dedicated faculty and the opportunity to learn to be more flexible. As the conversation continues, all three students agree that community is a special component of a Gettysburg College experience, and while remote learning has temporarily put a hold on in-person gatherings, the sense of community remains. They then reflect on the faculty members and courses they took at Gettysburg that had the greatest influence on them.

Later in the episode, the graduates share their advice to the incoming class of 2024: learn as much as you can, but don’t forget to have fun; step outside of your comfort zone; and seek out mentors.

The episode concludes with an anecdotal “Slice of Life” told from the president’s perspective.

Iuliano uses this moment to congratulate the Class of 2020 for their perseverance and accomplishments during their time at Gettysburg. While the entire College community cannot wait to celebrate graduates in person in October, Iuliano highlights the happenings of the Senior Celebration that will be held on May 17 to commemorate the Class of 2020’s original Commencement date.


A full transcript of the podcast is available on the podcast website.