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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2016

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Following the end of World War I and the creation of the first Czechoslovak Republic, the Sudeten Germans sought to raise the awareness of Germans in Germany and Austria of their situation under Czechoslovak rule. In the period between 1929 and 1934, the public discourse in Germany altered, as Nazi control began to direct further concentration on the Sudeten Germans, away from broader discussion of their minority status to a German nationalistic perspective. The Nazis, however, were both manipulative and ambivalent in their awareness of the Sudeten Germans, treating them as an extension of the Nazi Party while also beyond their ability to help directly. By 1935 the Nazis had effectively controlled independent public narratives of Sudeten German awareness, as those discourses came to be controlled by the Nazi Party and its affiliates.


History Senior Seminar paper for HIST 418: Nazism