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Fall 2015

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Conservatory of Music


When discussing how teachers should pursue equity among, in, and through education in their current educational system, many go straight to discussing the lessons. These are very important, and the planning of these lessons can very much influence students to think more openly about equity, but there is something that must be established first before even thinking about executing a lesson plan, and that is the classroom itself. After all, “a large part of the work of teaching is constructing the laboratory for learning.” (Campbell & Demorest, 2008, p. 87). Postman & Weingartner also say that “the most important impressions made on a human nervous system come from… the environment itself [which] conveys the critical and dominant messages by controlling the perceptions and attitudes of those who participate in it” (1969, p. 17). This paper focuses on the creation of a classroom that creates an opportunity for every student to contribute to the environment in which they learn.


Produced as a presentation for MUS CLAS 149: Social Foundations of Music Education.

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