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Spring 2017

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Health Sciences


Veggie Bucks provides a 50% discount on all fresh fruits and vegetables sold through Kennie’s Market produce department at the point of sale for the 5 highest cost items. The incentive period ran January - April, 2017. Intended outcomes include an increase in the number of fresh fruits and vegetables purchased by SNAP recipients at Kennie’s Market locations in Biglerville and Gettysburg by 10% in January-April 2017 compared to baseline figures obtained in 2016, and to familiarize SNAP recipients with fresh fruits and vegetables and to provide information about the ACFMA markets’ Double Dollars program. SNAP recipients were invited to sign up for the program upon showing their ID and EBT card and were provided a Kennie's Frequent Shopper card if they did not have one already.


Research funded by Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant and presented at Undergraduate Research on the Cycle (UROC) during Gettysburg College's Year of Food (2016-2017).