Gettysburg College: A Diversity Story

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Digital Project

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Summer 2018

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Gettysburg College: A Diversity Story is a concise history of the diversification of Gettysburg College from the establishment to the present by creating different timelines to feature significant events, organizations, and students, related to or specifically about race, gender, sexuality, and religion. A large part of the information comes from papers in The Cupola and searching through college documents, oral histories, and college publications located in Special Collections and College Archives. The website is hosted on WordPress and timelines are embedded in the site through TimelineJS. The website will be made available to the campus community as a way to converse about the “unspoken” history of the college to see how much we have changed and whether our efforts have been sufficient.


Final project for the 2018 Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship at Musselman Library, Gettysburg College

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