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Spring 2018

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Africana Studies


In February of 2015, a music sensation hit the streets of New York City and started a revolution across the country. The renowned Lin Manuel Miranda; composer, musician and actor, debuted his six-year creation - an integration of hip hop music into the world of Broadway through the sensational story of Alexander Hamilton. Based off of Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton, this entirely musical production details the story of the poor immigrant who came to America with big ideas and wrote his way to being a predominate figure in American history (Miranda, 2016). Impressive choreography is combined with powerful lyrics to narrate Alexander Hamilton’s journey through war, politics, his family and the birth of our nation. Concerned with protecting his legacy and having his voice heard, Hamilton constantly put himself in compromising positions for the greater good of our country. The show’s unconventional structure and use of race bending casting has caused a true Broadway revolution across the country.


Written for AFS 318: Juju to Hip hop

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