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Spring 2019

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Gordon Haaland presided over Gettysburg College from 1990 to 2004. His goals included improving the national status of the college by increasing the student body, developing the academic departments, and creating a dynamic campus community. This paper outlines Haaland's attempts to fulfill these goals through a plethora of construction projects, ranging from building a state of the art science center and extensively renovating a historic theater, to updating dormitories and revitalizing the appearance of campus. Some of the construction included projects that were planned under the previous president and carried out by Haaland, as well as scandals that accompanied these efforts. In addition, the paper covers the fundraising and planning processes, as well as the campus and community reactions to the building projects. Ultimately, this paper weighs the successes and challenges of Haaland's construction plans during his highly productive presidency.


Written for HIST 300: Historical Methods.

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