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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2020

Department 1

Political Science


Abortion is one of the most controversial political topics in the United States of America at any point in time. In an election year, it is even more so. Countless Americans choose who to vote for based on whether or not the politician is pro-life or pro-choice. But why do some Americans vote pro-choice or pro-life? What variables affect their beliefs on abortion and how strong are those variables in relation to others? This paper dives into the ways in which education and religion affect abortion opinions and researches the strength of those variables in relation to one another. In this paper, I found that both education and religious importance are important variables in determining one’s probability of being pro-choice and that religious importance has a more powerful effect when the two interact. This paper paves the way for other political scientists to see how other variables such as age and gender interact with education or religion to predict one's abortion opinions.


Written for POL 215: Methods of Political Science