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Confederate officer Reuben Allen Pierson was a single well-to-do Louisiana slaveholder. He enlisted early in the Ninth Louisiana Infantry, insisting that he joined the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to defend his freedom, family, and new country. He turned his back on the United States, convinced that his Northern counterparts were subhuman and dishonorable. This paper argues that Reuben Allen Pierson remained steadfast in his convictions about Southern duty and honor, arguing in the Confederacy’s favor even in bleak times. The writer will examine why he clung desperately to the Confederacy and how he was influenced by ideas of honor, Southern manhood, and anti-Northern propaganda. The writer will also discuss how Reuben Allen interpreted Southern women’s obligations to the Confederacy, especially his frustrations with his sister when she failed to uphold her duty to him and the South.


Written for HIST 428: Letters and Letter Writing

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