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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2021

Department 1

Political Science


This study consists of evaluating the report of discrimination in the workplace regarding gender, race, and sexual orientation. It also explores the perceived discrimination and believed discrimination against African Americans regarding race and gender because they can influence or provide more information for the reports of discrimination in the workforce. Additionally, it evaluates if it is better for a man to work and a woman to stay home to see what groups are most and least likely to have these perceptions. The purpose is to investigate all of these regression equations and consider intersectionality. Intersectionality is one of the main components of this study in examining if Black females seems to have more obstacles and struggles in society compared to White males, Whites females, and Black males. Through my findings, it was supported with perceived discrimination, but Black males reported to most likely to perceive discrimination in the workplace with there being no relation of sexual orientation.


Written for POL 215: Methods of Political Science