Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil, and Acrylic

From the Artist: Fashion has always been a part of my life. Incorporating fashion with my passion for painting is my primary approach in this body of work. My fashion sketches/paintings are rooted in my experience interning for fashion houses while living in NYC for 6 months and broadening my perspective on fashion.

Fashion is not simply wearing cool clothes; it’s about expressing myself and showing my personality through colors, different fabrics and styles without having to say it. My maxim is “If you dress good, you feel good.”

By contrasting different fabrics and putting textures together that would not typically go together I create an edgier look. My illustrations represent my personality and idealized style. I am sassy and so is my taste.

I find inspiration in many fashion artists who use unconventional materials in their drawings (like Grace Ciao who uses beautiful flower petals in her sketches) as well as many designers’ pieces on and off the runway.