Research and publications by faculty, staff and students through the Center for Public Service at Gettysburg College.



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Healthy Options: A Community-Based Program to Address Food Insecurity, Amy B. Dailey, Audrey Hess, Camille Horton, Emily Constantian, Salma Monani, Betsy Wargo, Kim Davidson, and Kathy Gaskin


7 Things Churches Can Do to Make Queer People Feel Welcome, Erin E. Duran and Christin N. Taylor



Encontrando la Comida Saludable: Identifying Food Access Barriers for the Adams County, Pennsylvania Latino Community, Gwendolyn D. Brown and Olivia A. Haddad


Attempting to Close the Food Gap: An Evaluation of the 2011 Fair Share Program in Gettysburg, PA, Lisa M. Martin



Closing the Food Gap in Adams County: A Proposal for Comprehensive Solutions through Community Action, Vickie Corbett, Rayna Cooper, Kim Davidson, Kathy Gaskin, Kathy Glahn, Aimee S. George, Audrey Hess, Gretchen Natter, Christine Nemetz, Megan Shreve, and Sara W. Tower