Exhibit Review: Looking for America on America's Mightiest Road: "What Exit? New Jersey and Its Turnpike"

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Spring 2002




Everyone has a New Jersey Turnpike story, and that story usually isn't about pleasant driving, dean restrooms, or kindly state troopers. Everyone who has ever been a child in the back seat of the fmily car remembers shouting 'Yudcd" when passing the refineries at Exit 13. We all remember our worst days on the turnpike: breakdowns, speeding tickets, near misses, seemingly endless lines at toll booths. We usually forget that worst days are exceptional. Day in and day out, the turnpike works, getting us to our destinations faster than any other route. [excerpt]


This exhibit was on display at the New Jersey Historical Society, September 26, 2001-July 3, 2002.