Author: Lohar Brock

Author: Hans-Henrik Holm

Author: Georg Sorensen

Author: Michael Stohl

Book Reviewer: Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams, Gettysburg College

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Fall 2012

Department 1

Africana Studies


In an era when good governance features prominently on the global development agenda, there seems to be a corollary spotlight on state fragility. In this book - a quick read that covers much ground - the authors wade into the conceptual waters of state fragility with the following aims: (i) sketching more clearly its conceptual parameters, including its core characteristics; (ii) dissecting its connection to violent conflict; (iii) analyzing the role that international society has played in relation to fragile statehood; and (iv) laying out two proposals for tackling its intractability. These analyses are conducted through the prism of three case studies: The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Afghanistan, and Haiti. [excerpt]

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