Samantha B. Frisoli '18, Gettysburg College

Daniella M. Snyder '18, Gettysburg College

Gabriella A. Bucci '19, Gettysburg College

Melissa R. Casale '19, Gettysburg College

Keira B. Koch '19, Gettysburg College

Paige L. Deschapelles '20, Gettysburg College



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Art Catalog


Flora and Fauna in East Asian Art is the fourth annual exhibition curated by students enrolled in the Art History Methods course. This exhibition highlights the academic achievements of six student curators: Samantha Frisoli ’18, Daniella Snyder ’18, Gabriella Bucci ’19, Melissa Casale ’19, Keira Koch ’19, and Paige Deschapelles ’20. The selection of artworks in this exhibition considers how East Asian artists portrayed similar subjects of flora and fauna in different media including painting, prints, embroidery, jade, and porcelain. This exhibition intends to reveal the hidden meanings behind various representations of flora and fauna in East Asian art by examining the iconography, cultural context, aesthetic and function of each object.

Publication Date

Winter 2018


Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg College


Gettysburg, PA


flora, fauna, Asia, painting, prints, embroidery, jade, porcelain, literature, China


Flora and Fauna in East Asian Art was on exhibition at the Schmucker Art Gallery at Gettysburg College January 26th - March 9th, 2018.

Flora and Fauna in East Asian Art