Keira Koch '19, Gettysburg College



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Keira Koch ’19 examines representations of indigenous cultures in prints and photographs by American artist Andy Warhol and First Nations artist Carl Beam. In this comparative study, Koch considers the topic of appropriation and re-appropriation of Native imagery. Warhol, as a non-Indigenous artist, is using this imagery to highlight the dominant narrative of the American West. Beam, however, incorporates photographs of Native subjects and traditional narratives by re-appropriating those images to tell a distinctly Native narrative. This exhibition invites discussion about the role of contemporary indigenous artists and how indigenous identities are expressed in contemporary art. This exhibition intersects with the issues and methodologies studied in Koch’s individualized major titled “Indigenous Cultures, History and Identity.” In addition to studying aboriginal arts and indigenous communities in Australia during her Junior year, Koch serves as the Co-President of Students for Indigenous Awareness at Gettysburg College.

Publication Date

Fall 2018


Schmucker Art Gallery, Gettysburg College


Gettysburg, PA


Gettysburg College, Carl Beam, Andy Warhol, Indigenous nations, Culture, American Indians


Exhibit curated by Schmucker Art Gallery at Gettysburg College.

Face to Face, Carl Beam and Andy Warhol