Artists & Curators

Dianne Brennan '19

Maura B. Conley '16

Abigail B. Conner '15

Nicole A. Conte '15

Victoria Perez-Zetune '16

Savannah Rose '17

Kaylyn L. Sawyer '17

Caroline M. Wood '15

Zoe Yeoh '18

Advisor & Editor: Shannon Egan, Gettysburg College

Consultant: Lauren H. Roedner, Gettysburg College


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Exhibit Dates

January 23 - March 7, 2015

Reception Date

January 23, 2015


An exhibit curated by the students in the course, “Art and Public Policy”—Diane Brennan, Maura Conley, Abigail Conner, Nicole Conte, Victoria Perez-Zetune, Savannah Rose, Kaylyn Sawyer, Caroline Wood and Zoe Yeoh—selected objects of material and print culture from Angelo Scarlato’s private collection to investigate public representations of a newly freed population as well as their more personal perspectives.

See the full exhibit catalog here.

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Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg, United States Colored Troops, USCT, African American, black soldier, Gettysburg College, emancipation, freedom, citizenship, artifact, exhibit, Harper's Weekly, Frederick Douglass, slavery, daguerreotype