Artists & Curators


Molly A. Chason '17, Gettysburg College

Leah R. Falk '18, Gettysburg College

Shannon N. Gross '17, Gettysburg College

Bailey R. Harper '19, Gettysburg College

Laura G. Waters '19, Gettysburg College

Under the Direction Of:

Yan Sun, Gettysburg College


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Exhibit Dates

November 4 - December 9, 2016

Reception Date

November 4, 2016


This exhibit is curated by students under the direction of Professor of Art History Yan Sun for the course Methods of Art History. The student curators will examine the theme of nature and the genre of landscape through art and material culture from Gettysburg College’s Special Collections and Fine Arts Collection. The student curators are Molly Chason '17, Leah Falk '18, Shannon Gross '17, Bailey Harper '19, and Laura Waters '19. The exhibit includes works varying in era and style, by artists such as William Mason Brown, George Leo Frankenstein, Kasamatsu Shiro, and Stephen Etnier, amongst others.

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Landscape, Nature, Material Culture, William Mason Brown, George Leo Frankenstein, Kasamatsu Shiro, Stephen Etnier