Artists & Curators


Brent Blair, Gettysburg College

Tina Gebhart, Gettysburg College

Amer Kobaslija, Gettysburg College

John Kovaleski, Gettysburg College

Bob Patierno, Gettysburg College

Mark Warwick, Gettysburg College


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Exhibit Dates

January 31 - March 10, 2017

Reception Date

February 3, 2017


Studio Art faculty at Gettysburg College exhibit recent sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, and ceramics in Schmucker Art Gallery. In preparation for this exhibition, select studio art and art history students—Molly Chason, Xiyang Duan, Shannon Gross, Sydney Gush, David Rampersad, Erica Schaumberg—interviewed the professors about their artwork and teaching. These conversations, mounted alongside the works on display, reflect the students’ keen insights into their professors’ creative scholarship.

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Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Print, Ceramics, teaching, interview, conversation