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Conservatory of Music


Kerambitan’s elementary school houses approximately 100 students. These students, from first to sixth grade, attend class six days a week from 8 AM until noon (the afternoon heat is too strong). Like in many American elementary schools, the teachers on this level teach all core subjects; in Indonesia these subjects are math, reading, culture, and social studies. Subjects are highly standardized on a national level; students in Bali are learning the same things as students in Java or any of the other islands. The exception to this rule is the culture class; here students learn about Balinese culture, arts, and traditions. Other subjects, such as music, are extracurricular activities that take place after school. [excerpt]


This piece is part of the Bali Soundscapes collection, which features photographs, audio essays, and written essays by Gettysburg College students who took the Language, Culture, & Immigration in Bali course during the summer of 2013. See for more.