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This paper reports, for the first time, 25 species of marine pyrenomycetes from Icelandic waters. Taxonomic notes are included for certain species.

Surtsey, a submarine volcanic upthrust off the south coast of Iceland (Thorarinsson, 1967), is a current center for cooperative geophysical, geochemical, and biological investigations on an international scale. The mycological portion of the total biological research effort of the Surtsey project has emphasized a survey of the marine and freshwater mycoflora on the mainland of Iceland itself as a necessary prerequisite to ecological studies on Surtsey. With the exception of two reports on aquatic phycomycetes (Larsen, 1931, and Johnson, 1966), the aquatic mycoflora of Iceland is unknown. Thus Iceland, rather than Surtsey, has become the immediate focal point for mycological investigations.

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