Student research from the Biology Department at Gettysburg College.




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Embryonic Development of the Pharyngeal Arch Arteries in Mammals, Megan E. Zierold


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Predicting the Future: Parental Progeny Investment in Response to Environmental Stress Cues, Leah Gulyas and Jennifer R. Powell


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Cross-Disciplinary Sciences at Gettysburg College: Second Annual Poster Presentation, X-SIG


Antidepressants Cause Foot Detachment from Substrate in Five Species of Marine Snail, Peter P. Fong and Nikolett Molnar


The Deletion of the Bre1 Gene in Aspergillus nidulans Impairs Mitotic Growth, Meiosis, and DNA Damage Repair, Andrea J. Sitton and Steven W. James



Pathogen Response Genes Mediate Caenorhabditis elegans Innate Immunity, Hannah L. Anthony


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