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Adoration of the Magi in Uffizi was a commission from banker Guasparre dal Lama for his chapel in Santa Maria Novella. The altarpiece was painted by the famous artist Sandro Botticelli. It illustrates one of the most famous scenes in the Bible: The Epiphany of the three Magi greeting the birth of Jesus who would bring salvation and peace to the world of sins. This beautiful piece now resides in Uffizi Museum in Florence. Adoration of the Magi represents the peak of Renaissance art, and carefully reflects the political message of Florence in the 15th century through the figures of the Medici. The impeccable details of each portrait in the painting not only praised who was included in it but also honors the humanism of the Renaissance.


This poster was created based on work completed for FYS 197: Florence: Art, Money and Power, and presented as a part of the eighth annual CAFE Symposium on February 8, 2023.

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