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Tea is a commodity that has greatly changed the course of history. One example of the influence of tea is in poetry. This project analyzes some examples of tea poetry from China and Japan to understand how tea in poetry conveys cultural and philosophical beliefs of given time periods. China and Japan are looked at collectively because their histories are very entwined. In the two Chinese poems, tea is tied to hierarchical relations and the importance of Taoism. In the Japanese poems, tea is greatly related to nature and appreciating simplicity. Three of the four poems are a reaction to living in times of turbulence; thus, tea was used as a means of escape. Lastly, tea is so valued by these poets for its positive connection to physical and mental wellbeing.


This poster was created based on work completed for FYS 156-3: Tea: An Experiential History, and presented as a part of the eighth annual CAFE Symposium on February 8, 2023.