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I have created an action plan to assess current patrons' satisfaction with the cleaning materials provided at the Gettysburg College Jaeger Center, and increase the amount or variety if the need is there. Due to a combination of behaviors and bacteria in the Jaeger Center, gym users are at risk of contracting infections. The objective of this plan is for gym users to feel more empowered and safe in their environment. While there may be individuals who feel like increased disinfecting efforts and supplies are not necessary at the Jaeger Center, what may not be a concern for one person could be a barrier for someone else. The main component of the action plan is a user survey; the objective of the survey is to determine the best result for all parties involved, not just myself. All in all, I hope the conclusion of the action plan will result in a happier, healthier, and safer Gettysburg College community. This poster aims to present the plan in a concise and visually pleasing way, it was presented at the Gettysburg College CAFE Symposium in February 2024.


This poster was created based on work completed for FYS 108-1: Change Agency and Activism, and presented as a part of the ninth annual CAFE Symposium on February 7, 2024.

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