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The systematic excavations that began at Golemo Gradište in 2000 were the first major, legal investigations on the site itself. Through survey of the site, researchers had reached a number of conclusions and hypotheses about lines of fortification walls, location of gates, and roads associated with the site. But almost nothing was known about the buildings or the internal arrangement of the site, and there were questions about dating. Therefore, both on the acropolis (2000-2004) and on the northern terrace (2005-present), the first step was to set trenches in several places, to investigate the architecture and the urban plan and to establish a chronology of the settlement. Given the discoveries in those initial trenches, excavation was later focused on a few areas. One consequence of this approach was limited excavation in several areas that were probably residential (or a combination of residential with industrial or commercial), but only a few examples of extensively investigated residential complexes. [excerpt]


This paper was presented at the 11th Scientific Symposium “Niš and Byzantium," which was held at Niš University Hall from 3 to 5 June 2012.

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