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The anonymous city at the site of Golemo Gradište at the village of Konjuh, R. Macedonia, belongs to the period of Late Antiquity; the evidence indicates that it was founded in the 5th century. The lower town on the northern terrace was reconstructed, probably during the second quarter of the 6th century, but the inhabitants abandoned it, for the most part, later in that century and fled for refuge to the acropolis, where a settlement continued to exist into the early 7th century. Earlier material, beginning with the Late Neolithic and continuing sporadically through Bronze Age to Hellenistic, has been documented at the site; a Roman settlement may have been located nearby but not at Golemo Gradište itself, and there is evidence for Byzantine and Turkish occupation. Despite this overall understanding of the chronology of occupation at the site, one of its most attractive features has remained a mystery, uncertain in date and purpose. [excerpt]

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