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One of the things that we celebrate here tonight at this reception is the strong relationship between faculty and students. The mentoring of student research and creative activity is so important here at Gettysburg—and it’s especially gratifying for faculty and students alike when that collaboration results in co-authored publications. But whether or not publication is an outcome, the opportunity for students to work closely with faculty is something that we offer in a way that not many colleges and universities do. So I thank you all for that—for enriching our students’ education in that way.

I also want to take a moment to thank the staff of Musselman Library for hosting this reception once again this year. And even more importantly, I want to thank them for all they do to support the academic enterprise here at Gettysburg. They do that in so many ways on a daily basis. [excerpt]


These remarks were given at Musselman Library's 2018 College Authors Reception held on March 22, 2019 by President Janet Morgan Riggs.