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"The oldest Lutheran College in America" is a mark of distinction credited to Gettysburg. Just what Lutheran has meant to this institution throughout its century and a half is the subject of this historical essay. This is an open-ended story because the Lutheran connection of Gettysburg College is a live relationship today and gives promise of being a mutually supportive association in the future.

Gettysburg represents not only a high water mark in the history of this nation, but also a place of landmark developments for Lutheranism in America. The College and the Seminary were center stage for these developments, and they continue to show marks of their Lutheran heritage. In tracing the nature of the Lutheran identity of the College, focus will be on the part played by its founder, its supporting synods, its faculty, its trustees, and its students. [excerpt]

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Gettysburg College


Gettysburg, PA


Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania College, Lutheran, Samuel Simon Schmucker


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Volume 3 of Gettysburg College's History Series. The Gettysburg College History Series was a series of monographs on various aspects of College history published in anticipation of the 150th anniversary of its 1832 founding.

Gettysburg College and the Lutheran Connection: An Open-Ended Story of a Proud Relationship