On the Ground at the Gettysburg Sesquicentennial

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Gettysburg Magazine is a journal of history but not just the history of 1863. It has also, from time to time, looked seriously at how the battle has been remembered, recast, re-presented. Trying to interview everyone who came to Gettysburg in 2013 is a task beyond the reach of any journal, but we could capture at least some of the perceptions of the sesquicentennial from those who were on the ground. I asked a few of those whom I knew and saw in the midst of the sesquicentennial's activities to speak in memory's ear. [excerpt]

Contributors to this article included Allen C. Guelzo, David Petruzzi, Daniel Welch, Zachary Fry, Sarah E. Hammell, John M. Rudy, Peter S. Carmichael, Jason M. Frawley, and Lauren H. Roedner.

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