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Student Authors

Ilana Sobel '20, Gettysburg College

Abigail Rec '20, Gettysburg College

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Conference Material

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Environmental Studies


Relict periglacial boulder fields, or block fields, are scattered across south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland (e.g. Potter and Moss, 1968; Denn et al 2018). This pilot study uses a combination of digital analyses using Google Earth Pro and fieldwork to investigate block fields at different scales. Fieldwork focused on two block fields, which were compared with fieldwork conducted on two talus slopes. The block fields studied were Raven Rock Hollow in Maryland and River of Rocks at Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania, and the talus slopes were located at Catoctin Mountain, Maryland and Waggoner’s Gap, Pennsylvania. The importance of geomorphic processes on formation of block fields compared to talus slopes was examined as part of this pilot study.


Poster presented at the North East Geological Society of America meeting in Portland, ME, March 2019.