'Kissed by Lightning' and Indigenous Cinema’s Natureculture Continuum

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Environmental Studies


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Ecoambiguity, Community, and Development takes stock of cultural and environmental contexts in many different regions of the world by exploring literature and film. Artists and scholars working in the social ecology, environmental justice, and postcolonial arenas have long recognized that as soon as we tug on a thread of “ecodegradation,” we generally find it linked to some form of cultural oppression. The reverse is also often true. In the spirit of postcolonial ecocriticism, the studies collected by Scott Slovic, R. Swarnalatha, and Vidya Sarveswaran emphasize the impossibility of disentangling environmental and cultural problems. [From the publisher]

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In this article I turn to Fourth Cinema - Indigenous Cinema - as an expression of trans-Indigenous eco-sensibilities that connect the experiences of North American Indigenous people to those in the rest of the Global South. [excerpt]


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